Dev Log: Disk Storage

Last week's focus was on File Storage. In other words, where your site assets will be stored. Namely, we wanted to add a GUI to manage your FileSystems. Laravel provides a high level API to connect with many popular storage options including S3 or SFTP. Out of the box, FusionCMS will provide you with a default public driver.

Feb 09 ยท 1 min read
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We wanted to make a friendly user interface for users to configure new disk options. The overview page will show available disk options (public available by default).


Upon adding a new Disk be sure to select the driver you'd like to use, which will update the configuration fields below. Each driver has it's own unique set of configuration fields that you'll need to fill out accordingly.

Create New Disk

Note that the handle will double as the disk identifier used to refer to that disk, for example if you wanted to connect to the private disk:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage;


How It Works

FusionCMS will merge it's Disks with existing config('filesystems.disks') configurations. Take caution when adding disks manually to the config/filesystems.php file, as they could be overridden by FusionCMS.

Next Steps?

  • Updating File Manager to use configured Disks.
  • Updating Backups to use configured Disks.
  • Extending driver options.
  • Researching adding custom filesystems to FusionCMS.
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