Dev Log: Notifications

We are hard at work on adding new features to FusionCMS. Come take a peak.

Jan 27 ยท 1 min read
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Recently we've been working on integrating Notifications into FusionCMS. This will be a much welcomed addition to our toolset (leveraging Laravel's Notifications, in order to easily notify your users of important events. The ultimate aim is to add an all-in-one interface for linking Notifications to Users, through an expandable list of Notification Channels.

How It Works

Logged in users will be able to manage which notifications, on various channels, they wish to subscribe to (pictured below). Whenever a notification is fired off, all subscribers will be recieve the notification on the channels they requested.

Notification Subscriptions


To make things as high level as possible we created a helper to expedite the notification sending process:

notify({notification identifier}, ...$args);

For example, the following is called when a new user registers for an account:

notify('new_user_registration', $user);

This will fire off the Fusion\Notifications\Auth\NewUserRegistration Notification only for users subscribed (to all specified channels). Currently, mail is the only supported channel.


The goal is to allow for adding additional notifications through your Addon(s), to be picked up on by FusionCMS. These Notifications can then be subscribed to by users.

Addons are still under development. Stay tuned for more information and workflows.

What's Next?

  • database notification channel.
  • Further research into extending Notificaitions through Addons.
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