FusionCMS 6.0.0 Beta 7 Released

This months release focuses on further improvements, bug fixes, necessary updates and more. We've added two different approaches to installing FusionCMS: web and command line.

Jun 29 ยท 1 min read
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We completely refactored our module system from previous releases, drastically cleaning up and simplifying the system to work more smoothly with Composer. We've also taken this opportunity to rename "modules" to "addons", as we think this better reflects what this particular system provides.

Installer Tools

We are are testing out a new visual installation wizard in order to assist in setting up a fresh install of FusionCMS.

Visual Installation Wizard

CLI Installation Wizard

We've introduced an installation wizard to our fusion:install artisan command. Simply run php artisan fusion:install to launch the wizard. A couple Server Requirements will first be checked.

CLI Installation Wizard


Passport was a bit overkill for our authentication needs, so we've replaced it with Sanctum. On the surface you won't notice any difference, however some configurations were made under the hood (namely a new config/sanctum.php file).

Personal tokens can still be obtained through Account Settings. Click here for more information regarding assigning tokens.

New List Fieldtype

New Fieldtype has been added for creating simple lists of items. Easily add/remove items, as well as order.

List Fieldtype


Some heavy reorganization and cleanup efforts were made to the resource/ folder. Read more details here.

Also, the sidebar has been slimmed down a bit to give you more focus on your workspace.


Be sure to check out the changelog for the full list of changes this release.

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