Say Hello to FusionCMS

After five major releases, over four hundred websites built and more than a decade of revisions - we are excited to finally introduce FusionCMS to the world.

Dec 10 ยท 2 min read
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Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves...

Since 2005, FusionCMS has been a proprietary and closed-source content management system developed and maintained internally here at efelle creative to power and host our client projects and websites.

When the first version of FusionCMS was released in 2005, the content management landscape still included needing to manually build out HTML files with often times messy PHP and MySQL queries. Over the years, the tools and technologies have grown and matured and we've gained invaluable experience in what it takes to build both websites and a CMS from the ground up. We have taken all of that experience to refine FusionCMS into what we believe to be the best way to build and maintain websites.

We are stepping into a new chapter of FusionCMS with our sixth major release which uses modern, powerful, and clean frameworks to build on top of. We're releasing the source code of this version of our CMS out into the world, to allow more people to build and express their creative prowess on the web. If you're a developer, the technologies we're using (such as Laravel and Vue) will offer a familiar landscape that will make jumping and getting projects going a snap. We've also included a powerful add-on module and theming system that will allow developers to customize and extend the core offerings of our CMS for their exact needs. These quality of life improvements should eliminate the need to write hacks or buggy code that'd make updating the CMS an unwelcome chore.

On the roadmap ahead of us, we're looking to add a dedicated marketplace for FusionCMS where developers can offer up their creations for others to find and download. As always, we'll be diligently working on updates and improvements to the CMS as well.

We're extremely excited to see what you build and do with FusionCMS. Head on over to the download page to grab the latest version, check out our growing documentation, star the project on GitHub, and be sure to hop on our Discord server and say hi!

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