FusionCMS 6.0.0 Beta 9 Released

This update focuses on overhauling Settings to work more like our other Matrix modules (i.e. Collections, Taxonomies, Menus, etc...), as well as, several other updates and fixes.

Jul 15 ยท 2 min read
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System Settings

Upon installing FusionCMS you will notice some new tables to your database. Namely each settings/ file will now recieve it's own settings_ table, as well as, a collection of Fields. This is an effort to make our System Settings work more like our Matrix modules.

Any changes now made to your settings/ files should be followed up by a call to the fusion:sync command. This will assure your database is up-to-date (adding necessary records, and removing those which are no longer used).

Config Property Overrides

FusionCMS System Settings are capabable of overriding Laravel's own config properties at runtime. To achieve this simply add the override attribute to a setting within your settings/ files with a value that matches the config property you're trying to override.


The following override for config('mail.from.name') exists in settings/mail.php:

    'name'        => 'From Name',
    'handle'      => 'mail_name',
    'override'    => 'mail.from.name',
    'required'    => true,

Now when we update this setting, it will override every subsquent call to config('mail.mail.name) with whatever the value we set it to.

setting(['mail.mail_name' => 'FusionCMS Admin']);

Using Fieldtypes

Your settings/ files now have the ability to use FusionCMS Fieldtypes. For example, the File > Accepted Field Types setting now uses the List Fieldtype. Below is the code sample with corresponding display.

Setting field configuration
        'name'        => 'Accepted File Types',
        'handle'      => 'accepted_files',
        'description' => 'List of accepted file types. Separate values by a comma.',
        'type'        => 'list',
        'default'     => ['jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif'],
Setting field display

Accepted File Types

CORS Settings

Now you can configure COR Settings from the Settings interface (via settings/cors.php). Every setting will override config settings using the override attribute described above.

Google Map API Key Setting

We've added a new Setting to include an API Key for your Google Maps.


Be sure to check out the changelog for the full list of changes this release.

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