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Fieldsets can be thought of as a group of common Fields (e.g. Contact Information, URLs), that which you may wish to reuse. Further more, your Fieldsets can be added added to Blueprints through the Fieldset Fieldtype.



Imagine you have a recurring set of Fields that you continually add to every Blueprint. Fieldsets are the cure for this common task. With Fieldsets you can create a set of fields to expand any Blueprint.

While similar to Blueprints, Fieldsets have some distinct differences:

Blueprints Fieldsets
One or many Sections No Sections
One per Structure (auto-created). Reuseable (can be added to Blueprints as Fields).

Use Case

Let's take a look at a few common use cases where Fieldsets would come in handy:

  • Quick Contact
  • Professional Links
    • LinkedIn (url)
    • Twitter (url)
    • Personal Website (url)

After creating one of these (or your own) Fieldsets you can then add it to any Blueprint you want, thus extending its content structure.


You can create as many Fieldsets as you want (just remember to give each one a easy-to-recognize name).

General Information

General information about the Fieldset.

General information

  • Name - Give your Single a memorable name
    • e.g. Blog Overview, F.A.Q.
  • Handle - Developer-friendly identifier (advanced usage).


Central location for managing fields for your Fieldset.


Sample Fieldset for our Quick Contact example.

Read full article for more information on managing Fields.

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