FusionCMS is currently in an open beta state and under heavy active development.


Blueprints work behind the scenes to build and manage your the content structures of your website.



Every Structure comes with just the necessary fields to identify itself (i.e. name, description, status, ...). To extend the available fields we'll rely on Blueprints.

FusionCMS uses Blueprints to extend the available fields for each Structure. For example, when you create a new Form a Blueprint record will be created as well, linked via an Eloquent Relationship. This is allowed through the usage of the Fusion\Concerns\HasBlueprint trait.

Below is a sample Blueprint component you'll become familar with when configuring our website.

Sample Blueprint component.


Sections allow for grouping fields together. This is useful for when you want to organize your fields in a strategic way or accent a section through CSS.

Body vs Sidebar

Sections can be added to either the Body or Sidebar sections of the Control Panel interfaces.

Note: this only applies within the Control Panel.


Use the handles to re-order existing Sections. Currently, it's only possible to reorder Sections within either the Body or Sidebar, not between.

Have questions?

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