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Stay up-to-date on how many people are viewing your site, where they're from, and how they found you.


The following tutorial will guide you through setting up Insights in the FusionCMS Control Panel's Insights module.

Insights Setup

What You'll Need

Please make sure you have a registered account on both sites listed below:

After meeting the above requirements we can move on to setting up Insights on your FusionCMS installation.

Pre-Flight Setup

Below are steps that must be taken before FusionCMS will be able to request information from Google.

Google Console Developer Setup

FusionCMS uses Core Reporting API v3.0 to request data from your Google Analytics account. Furthermore, this requires OAuth 2.0 to authorize these requests, hence a bit of setup is required first and foremost.

Follow the Step 1: Enable the Analytics API section provided by Google.

In the end you should have obtained a service-account-credentials.json file to use in the [FusionCMS Setup](#FusionCMS Setup)section below.

Google Analytics Setup

  • Head over to your Google Analytics account and log in and navigate to Admin > View User Management and add a new user.
  • Copy the client_email from your json key file to the Email Address field (remembering to uncheck the "Notify new user by email" checkbox).

FusionCMS Setup

  • Navigate to the FusionCMS Control Panel > Settings > SEO > Insights tab.

Settings Insights

  • Fill in the following fields:
    • View ID - Google Analytics View ID*
    • Credentials - The json key file obtained from the previous step.

The easiest way to obtain your View ID is to log into your Google Analytics account and look at the URL:

// Sample URL

The markers at the end of the URL refer to:

  • a = Account ID
  • w = Website ID
  • p = View ID

After all is done, you should refresh your Dashboard and see some Insights.

Have questions?

We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have. Contact support or chat live with us on Discord.

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