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A composite field for saving an entire address.

Address fieldtype


Using Google's geocoding services the Address field will decode the address provided into latitude/longitude coordinates. Furthermore, you can use these latitude and longitude coordinates to display a map on the page using Google's Maps Javascript API Service.

Notice: First, you'll need to generate a Google Maps API key in order to view the map component and geocode the entered address.

Use Cases

  • Collect user addresses through a contact form.
  • Saving addresses for each profile in a Collection.

Template Usage

Full Address

    <div>{{ $entry->address['address1'] }} {{ $entry->address['address2'] }}</div>
    <div>{{ $entry->address['city'] }}, {{ $entry->address['state'] }} {{ $entry->address['zip'] }}</div>
    <div>{{ $entry->address['country'] }}</div>

Formatted Address

<address>{{ $entry->address['formatted_address'] }}</address>


<div>{{ $entry->address['lat'] }} & {{ $entry->address['lng'] }}</div>


Name Description
Help Instructions Additional instructions written in small print next to the field.
Validation Rules Validation rule pattern (read more).
API Key Required for geocoding the entered address (obtain one).
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