FusionCMS is currently in an open beta state and under heavy active development.


Take control of the CMS with a collection of system settings.


Configure access to your website's API.

Name Description Default
Personal Access Token Control whether personal access tokens can obtained through Account Settings. Disabled


Flush your website's cache.

Not available at this time.

Date & Time

Configure your CMS date & time settings.

Name Description Default
Date Format Dictates how dates will be displayed across the Control Panel. MM DD, YYYY


Manage which Fields are supported with each structure. For example, you might want to disable the ability to add an Address Field to a Form or Menu.

Fieldtype Settings


Configure acceptable filetypes and max upload size settings.

Name Description Default
Accepted File Types List of acceptable filetypes for upload. jpg, jpeg, png, gif
Max Filesize Upload Limit Max filesize allowed for upload (MB). 15MB

Note: Here is a list of file formats for your convenience.


Register your FusionCMS license key.

Name Description Default
License Key Enter a valid license key to receive support and automatic updates.


Global system settings for your website.

Name Description Default
Website Title
Website Slogan
Base URL URL of the website used for email links, among other things...
Site Visiblity Configure who can view your site; private (login only) or public. Public


Toggle the ability to receive periodical updates, which will download automatically when available.

Name Description Default
Auto Update Receive auto updates when they are available. Enabled


General user settings related to your website's users.

Name Description Default
Allow Public Registration Enable or disable the ability for visitors to register for an account. Enabled
Welcome E-mail Choose whether welcome e-mail will be sent to new users finish the registration process. Enabled
E-mail Verification Choose whether e-mail verification is required for newly registered users. Enabled
Default User Role Choose default role assigned to new registered users. User


Configure backup schedule and cleanup strategy settings.

Under development at this time.

Google Analytics

Configure your Google Analytics settings for tracking website traffic, and reporting it within the Control Panel.

Visit the SEO page for more information on setting up Insights.

Tab Name Description
Insight Credentials Your Google Analytics credentials file.
Insight View ID Your Google Analytics View ID.
Tracking Tracking ID Your Google Tracking ID. Should look like UA-xxxxxxxx-x.

Google reCAPTCHA

Configure your Google reCAPTCHA settings for additional spam reduction.

Name Description Default
Secret Key Your Google reCAPTCHA secret key.
Site Key Your Google reCAPTCHA site key.


Configure email settings through several third party drivers or your own custom SMTP configuration.


Name Description
Driver This is the method for sending e-mail notifications to your users.
From Name The from name that will appear on mail coming from your site.
From Address The e-mail address that will appear on mail coming from your site.


Customize the subject line on various system notifications.

  • User Registered
  • Forgot Password
  • User Verification


Use your own custom SMTP configuration settings. Don't forget to select SMTP for your Mail Driver. Information required:

  • Server/Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

Third Party Drivers

There are a couple of provided mail drivers ready to use, provided you have an account. These services are:

Have questions?

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