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Collections store groups of related entries for your website. Collections are used for things like blogs, events, simple subpages, and anything else that can or should be grouped together.

New Matrix


Unlike pages, collection entries all share the same fieldset so if it helps you can think of a Collection as a grouping of Pages with the same fields.

Items within Collections are refered to as entries.

Creating a Collection

New Pages & Collections can be created from the Matrix module, the only difference is you'll want to set Collection as the Type of Matrix.

General Fields

General fields consist of the following:

Name Description
Name User-friendly identifier.
Handle Developer-friendly identifier
Description Brief description of what the Matrix manages
Type Collection or Page
Fieldset Fieldset attachment to extend fields for Matrix entries
Status Whether Collection is currently active or not

Select Collection under Type to create a new Collection Matrix.

Customize Fields

The following are additional fields to help customize the look & feel of your Collection within the Control Panel:

Name Description
Show Name Field Keep or omit name field for Collection
Name Label† Label for name field.
Name Format†† see Name Formatting
Show Name Field Keep or omit name field for Collection
Singular Reference Reference used for Collection in singular form
Plural Reference Reference used for Collection in plural form
Show in Sidebar Show or omit from Control Panel sidebar
Show as Quicklink Show or omit from Control Panel dashboard
Icon Visual graphic used to represent the Collection in the Control Panel


  • † only visible when Show Name Field is checked.
  • †† only visible when Show Name Field is unchecked.


If your matrix will be accessible from the frontend, you may define its route and template here:

Name Description
Route URI route pattern to identify Collection pages from the front-end
Template Template code use for rendering (i.e. posts.show, blog.index)


Sometimes you might want to assign a parent Matrix to the current Matrix you're editing. A use case for this would be when creating a Blog module with serveral different page types with varying routes and naming conventions.

Example of a module with multiple Matrices

The following image shows a Collection of Posts, which is a child of another Matrix called Blog:

Collection Entries

A Collection is made up of individual Entries, all with the same set of fields (assigned through a Fieldset). After you create a Collection, you'll either see it on the Sidebar or Dashboard within the Control Panel (depending on the Collections customization settings).


You may want to temporarily hide a page from the front-end website. Simply set the status to Disabled and it will no longer be public.

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