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Color Picker

Pick a color, any color... Really, that's what you can do with the Color Picker field. Hues, saturation, and contrast. We got it all!

Template Usage

Output the color as RGB(A) form:

<div>{{ $entry->color_picker }}</div>
Or generate a swatch like so:
<div class="w-5 h-5" style="background-color: {{ $entry->color_picker }}"></div>


This field provides the following settings:

Setting Description
Name User-friendly identifier.
Handle Developer-friendly identifier.
Help Instructions Additional instructions written in small print next to the field.
Transparency Whether to include the alpha channel (i.e. Yes or No)
Default Default color selection (i.e. #000000)
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Last edited on Friday, June 26, 2020 (3 years ago)