FusionCMS is currently in an open beta state and under heavy active development.


Here's a couple Artisan commands caked into FusionCMS that you may find useful.


Command Description
fusion:flush Flush the various Fusion caches.
fusion:install Install and publish all of Fusion resources.
fusion:publish Publish all of the Fusion resources.
fusion:sync Sync Fusion themes, modules and settings.
fusion:uninstall Uninstall Fusion.



Combines a couple cache clearing command calls (i.e. cache:clear, view:clear, route:clear).


Sets up a fresh install of FusionCMS.

Will enables maintainence mode.


Publish and Theme updates. Run this command if you make changes to a Theme and don't notice any differences.


Sync as in adding non-existent content and removing un-used content. This command will synchronize data such as custom settings, permissions, notifications.


  • Clears out published assets.
  • Clears out user assets (i.e. all assets in File Manager).
  • Removes all Builder model files.
  • Deep cache clean.
  • Deletes .env & composer.lock file.
  • Deletes database.

Will enables maintainence mode.

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